The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

This Month's Astrological Events

Sun in Capricorn 22nd December 2018 => 20th January 2019

Written by author of ספר כוכבי אור Sefer Kochvei Or - Book of Stars of Light - Spiritual Astrology

to be read in conjunction with Secrets of Daily Moon Astrology, "This Weeks" Planetary Movements

This Years Major Astrological Events of the Outer Planets for 2019


Sun in Capricorn - Reset & Returning "Home"

Powerful Fixed and Strong Destined Changes

Everyone in the world makes mistakes - Sun in Capricorn will ensure we undo the mistakes and get "reset". Sun in Capricorn has a specific purpose and that is to protect you from making mistakes - and - to ensure you get connected / reconnected to your destined pathway.


Mars in Aries [Fire Sign] Jupiter in Sagittarius [Fire Sign] Saturn in Capricorn [Earth Sign]

Uranus in Aries [Fire Sign] Neptune in Pisces [Water Sign] Pluto in Capricorn [Earth Sign]


2 combinations [1] The Mars-Jupiter-Uranus effect - when Mars enters Aries [Fire Sign] on 1st January 2019 - combined with - [2] Saturn-Neptune-Pluto effect - will both ensure MAJOR changes for everyone of every StarSign.


The only problem will be CHOOSING between the "past" and the "future". Even if you resist the challenges and choices - by end of February 2019 - you will have CHOSEN your destined pathway - undone and eliminated all the mistakes. Most importantly - you'll be reconnected and connected to all the people you need to be connected to - to have meaningful life - full of energy, vibrancy and happiness.


21st/22nd December: Sun enters Capricorn

22nd December: Full Moon 0° Cancer

22nd December: Mercury 9° Sagittarius conjunct Jupiter 9° Sagittarius

28th December: Venus 20° Scorpio sextiles Pluto 20° Capricorn


Happy New Year - 2019

4 Outer Planets in their Natural Home StarSigns - "RESET"

Mars in Aries [Fire Sign] Jupiter in Sagittarius [Fire Sign]

Saturn in Capricorn [Earth Sign] Neptune in Pisces [Water Sign]


1st January: Mars enters Aries

2nd January: Sun 11° Capricorn conjunct Saturn 11° Capricorn

4th January: Sun 14° Capricorn sextiles Neptune 14° Pisces

4th January: Mercury 28° Sagittarius trines Uranus [retrograde] 28° Aries

5th January: Mercury enters Capricorn

6th January: New Moon 15° Capricorn

7th January: Uranus goes direct at 28°36' Aries

7th January: Venus enters Sagittarius

8th January: Mercury 4° Capricorn squares Mars 4° Aries

11th January: Sun 20° Capricorn conjunct Pluto 20° Capricorn

13th January: Mercury 12° Capricorn conjunct Saturn 12° Capricorn

13th January: Jupiter 14° Sagittarius squares Neptune 14° Pisces

18th January: Venus 11° Sagittarius trines Mars 11° Aries


20th January: Sun enters Aquarius

21st January: Full Moon at 0°51' Leo - at 6am CET

21st January: Mars 13° Aries squares Saturn 13° Capricorn

22nd January: Venus 15° Sagittarius conjunct Jupiter 15° Sagittarius

22nd January: Venus 16° Sagittarius trines Mars 16° Aries

24th January: Mercury enters Aquarius

25th January: Mars 16° Aries trines Jupiter 16° Sagittarius

29th January: Mercury 9° Aquarius conjunct Sun 9° Aquarius

30th January: Saturn 14° Capricorn sextiles Neptune 14° Pisces

31st January: Mars 21° Aries squares Pluto 21° Capricorn


It's always a Good Sign if you're looking ahead !

Believing in Astrology - Being inquisitive and searching about the future is a good sign

People who aren't interested in the "future" - are - dead-boring types of people !

Looking-ahead is a very good sign - as you're desiring and eager for changes


Everyone of you should be able to sense that something is going to change because deep-down

December 2018 & January 2019 - Mars, Jupiter & Saturn - means you'll desire change more than ever before!

The more hungry you are for a positive change - the more you know you're going to get it


Introducing Sun in Capricorn

Saturday 22nd December 2018 - Sun enters Capricorn - with - Full Moon in Cancer


A Huge Amount of Astrological Energy

Karmic Wake up ! Urgent Alert Warning !


It's a headline - there's a HUGE AMOUNT of astrological energies - and - by HUGE - I mean a LOT OF ENERGY - which sooner or later - everyone and that means EVERYONE will be affected by the incoming intense astrological energies.


Sun in Capricorn - Saturn in Capricorn - Pluto in Capricorn - and - the Cancerian Full Moon will be destiny defining what you must do, what life wants you to want - and - what you must ACCEPT - because progression and moving forward in life means you have to ACCEPT where you are and your situation 1st - before you can do something about changing it.


It begins immediately Sun enters Capricorn because of the Full Moon on Saturday 22nd December 2018. Unfortunately, many people cannot cope with a LOT of ENERGY - it's too much for them - it's too overwhelming - so they go "crazy" - hence the word "lunatic" comes from the word "lunar" - defined by what people do and feel at Full Moons.


The fact is that there IS A LOT OF ENERGY - and it will be LOTS of POSITIVE energy too. It's going to be very intense - the purpose of which is to orchestrate change - by magnifying everything that's WRONG - by breaking apart and destroying things that are WRONG.


The source of all the POSITIVE energy will be created to powerfully concentrate a bright light of stability on all the goodness in your life - so that you eliminate anything or anyone that creates instability in your life.


Each and EVERYDAY for the next 2-3 weeks will be creating shocking, unpredictable inexplicable karmic destined events, with strange coincidences ensuring you experience the strongest unbreakable bonds to the most important people in your life.


All you need to know is that - everything that is - SUDDEN, SHOCKING and INEXPLICABLE is karmic - "destiny" is now "in control" of humanity. Astrologically all the planets are collectively creating an intensity for all on Earth - that all I can say is "you'll see your life will be changing" - and now is the destined time for change.


The RED WARNING is to tell you to expect the FULL POWER of what's coming - all you have to do is be ready and keep CALM - trust in life that everything will be alright - trust that as you're awakened - everyone else is awakened too - and - that's why everyone will be motivated to do something.



Karmic Means Intense Real Events

Karmic relationships defines Important People


The essence of being "you" - is - defined by the people in your life - and - the experiences you have with other people. Some of those people aren't good for your long-term happiness or stability - but they have been important to "teach" you about life.


All bad relationships have the purpose to ensure you realize - the type of person you don't need or want in your life. And it's often a "repetitive" like the movie "GroundHog Day" - that your life is dead-boring and cyclical until you break the cycle of being attached to same types of people and same types of situations.


Unfortunately, many people contemplate "suicide" or "dying" - because they can't take it anymore - but the truth is that sooner or later - destiny comes to your rescue and gives you HOPE by HELPING YOU.


From the moment Sun enters Capricorn - defined by the Full Moon on Saturday 22nd December 2018 - life will be HELPING you get out of the dead-end cyclical frustrating never-ending cycles - by eliminating the blockages that are preventing you from feeling like your life is a DEAD-END.


Sun in Capricorn is never normally defined as being EXCITING or SURPRISING. This year - Sun in Capricorn - will be both EXCITING and SURPRISING - because - real events - strong feelings and unexpected coincidences will ensure you're connected to people who are going to make you feel that "everything" is going to be alright.


Most importantly Sun in Capricorn will ensure you're disconnected from and divorced from anyone who has nothing to do with your true life pathway. Can you imagine life without emails and iPhone - can you imagine all far-away communication is SWITCHED-OFF - then - whilst you're cut-off from external influences - you're able to ENJOY living in the moment - being connected to the people in real life.


Sun in Capricorn - will ensure - you feel the power of the most important people in your life. Whoever it is that's destiny wants you to have in your life - you'll feel the POWERFUL STRENGTH of your connection - each of them will be a definition of STABILITY.



1st Stage - Inexplicable Karmic Feelings


Acceptance of a "divine plan" and "destiny" means a humble acceptance that you acknowledge the truth that there's much more to life than routine life itself - this fact should give you hope, faith and belief - that sooner or later - destiny will look after you.


The understanding of astrological energies - in our Solar system - as it creates and forces humanity to change it's mind - as it expands your mind with limitless "understanding" to believe that your life can change and you have possibilities for your future. This belief means that instead of living with a fixed restricted imprisoned mind of limited capabilities and boundaries - you believe things can change for the better.


It is in the belief that things can change - and the acceptance of "not knowing of why things happen" that creates "hope" in your life. Your mind needs to believe there's more to life than you see - in order for you to live in "hope" and "grow" - and in the next few weeks you're going to get real proof that there is MORE to LIFE than "LIFE" !


During the 1st stage between 22nd December 2018 and 6th January 2019 "life" will reveal and awaken you to want more from life than you've currently got in your life - and - make you DETERMINED to want to achieve it.


Then in the overlap anytime from 22nd December 2018 and 31st January 2019 you'll have the determination, desire, help, strength and need to WANT to deal with it - doing what you need to do and what you must do to heal the karma, fix the karmic problem - and then become karmically wholesome.


Achievement will be like waking-up to a whole new phase of your life - when the "negativity" will have dropped-dead and gone forever. Karmic connections and living your destined destiny have the intensity of fulfillment and happiness.


For example - when you're totally busy with life - when you're with your friends, family, lover etc - when you're totally immersed with something you enjoy so much - you don't need to be distracted to watch-tv or do emails.


Often, people only "need" internet if they've got nothing going-on in real life. And whilst that's a BIG blessing for lonely people - it shouldn't be a replacement for real-life loving energies. It's like watching a food cooking show on TV - it's to wet your appetite - as watching other eating won't make you feel good.


Wanting and desiring is created by watching others - but - it should ensure you acquire your own destined destiny. Everyone has a destiny. If you don't know what it is - then - the STRONG FEELINGS you get between 22nd December 2018 and 6th January 2019 will ensure you get awakened to WANT your "life".



Karmic "Lost Property" being returned to you


The essence of understanding astrology is to know that you've got a destiny - you're never supposed to be feeling lost - you're not supposed to be void - empty - or - feel like your life is a boring dead-end pathway.


Whenever you feel ALIVE - it is either because - you're doing something meaningful with your life AND/OR you're in a relationship with someone else - because - they need you as much as you need them. When you feel ALIVE - it gives your life power to want more from life.


Astrology defines all your relationships and all your connections to other people in your life - your karma. And whilst there are people in your life you can't trust or you don't love - or - are annoying - "they" are people you're connected to.


When astrology of the planets creates changes - then your relationships change. Thankfully - the current configuration that begins on Saturday 22nd December 2018 - and - will continue to grow and get strong for the next 3 months - January - February - March 2019 - will be defining eliminating bad relationships - and - reconnecting with good relationhsips - and - from 1st January 2019 - the beginning of NEW relationships.


The definition of "Karmic Lost Property" means everyone you've become disconnected from - everyone life wants you to be connected to - then - you'll become connected to. And if you can't have them - because - they've messed-up - they've died - they're not available - then - Sun in Capricorn will give you a destined replacement.


In fact, the "replacement" will be even better that they original - as Sun - Saturn - Pluto in Capricorn - Jupiter in Sagittarius - Mars in Aries - will ensure - you get an "upgrade" - because you've passed the test of life - and - ready to move-on with your life - either to be RESET or given a NEW life.


In Astrology the 7 Planetary Relationships define that you should always have someone who loves you - as - you love someone. You should always have meaning to your life - you should always have energy of optimism. But often - during depressing dead-zone phases of life - people are existing WITHOUT the essentials - and - therefore when things need to be fixed by destiny - things you're WITHOUT need to be given to you.


The more you feel your MISSING something - the more you mind is determined to GO and FIND it - the power of your MIND will ensure you concentrate on whatever your MISSING. It might begin with PAIN of realizing you're living WITHOUT something you need - but - the PAIN is there to ensure your MIND focus's on it and ensures you want "it" and determined to get "it".


The good news is that when you want "it" - when your mind concentrates on "it" - you can get "it". Only you will know if you're going to get "it" - because - the thoughts of wanting "it" - will let you know - what "it" is. Wanting and desiring "it" is your MIND connecting with the source of your energy,


This is why many religious people - get strength of being connected to their "GOD" - the source of their energy. Others get it from the planets and infinite energy in the Universe. During Sun in Capricorn - your mind will define truthfully of where you get your energy from.



Coming-back "home" to be YourSelf

Blockages and Mistakes define you're not being "yourself"


Whenever you're away from "home" - you're not yourself. You've not got your clothes or things that you need. Even when you're at "work" - you look-forward to going back "home" - because - "home" defines FREEDOM - being able to be YOURSELF. "Home" defines you can do whatever you want to do - when you want to do it - and - with the people you love doing it with.


Unfortunately, due to circumstances and mistakes - we sometimes find ourselves in the WRONG place with the WRONG people - doing something we don't like doing. You can even be in the RIGHT place - but - because you can't express yourself honestly - because the people in your life - either don't listen to you - or - don't understand you - you know you're not "FREE" to be YOURSELF.


When you've not got FREEDOM to be yourself. When you feel trapped and imprisoned because the people and circumstances in your life are blocking and preventing you from being HAPPY - then - automatically you become UNHAPPY.


Hence, being the happiest version of "yourself" is definition of coming-back "Home" to yourself. The power of Jupiter in Sagittarius - between 1st December 2018 => 31st January 2019 - will ensure FREEDOM and HAPPINESS touches everyone of every StarSign, age and situation - everyone will be forced and enticed to "come-back home to yourself - and - that means HAPPINESS. Whatever "it" is that defines HAPPINESS for you - you'll be receiving "it".


Happiness is an internal and truthful energy - Happiness is being connected to everyone and everything that makes you feel ALIVE - and - being disconnected from everyone and everything that makes you feel DEAD. Jupiter in Sagittarius - says - Happiness is the source of your life-energy - all you need to see - is "what" and "who" is your source of HAPPINESS !



Physical reality is created by your thoughts

Concentration of "Mind-over-Matter"!

Blockages and Mistakes define you're not being "yourself" - because your mind is controlled by "others"

Taking control of your own destiny - is - defined when you know what you want and what you don't want


The reality of life - and - of information - communications - connections to other people - means - that so often your words - your thoughts - your ideas - your plans - your desires and wishes are not listened to by other people.


And depending on your character of how weak or strong your boundaries are - you can be influenced and enticed by "others" agenda to do what they want you to do - more than you want to do it.


The problem for many good hearted people is you can't say "NO" to others - you can't STOP yourself from being enticed to do something that's either wrong for you - or - bad for you.


I'd guess if that defines "you" - then - all your mistakes were created by OTHER PEOPLE wanting you to do this or that - those OTHER people never careless about you - those OTHER people have used you - and - the proof is they're not in your life anymore - and - all they did was take from you and gave you nothing.


The configuration of planets defined strongly by Sun in Capricorn is ensuring that YOU live your life - and - if you're doing something which isn't right for you - then you're going to be feeling BAD about doing it - you're going to want to divorce yourself from "it".


The 1st stage is NON-ARGUMENTATIVE - the 1st stage is recognizing that you're not happy about someone who is trying to force you to do something you don't want to do - the 1st stage is going SELF-CONTROL over your own mind and thoughts.


The 2nd stage will be defined by your ability to FOCUS & CONCENTRATE - and - by coincidences that will be created to ensure - your destined pathway becomes a possibility - your destined pathway becomes clear and then "it" happens - because life will make "it" happen - as you take-control of your own destiny.


As you're reading this - and - implement it - you'll see that however "weak" you think your mind is - you'll be surprised that when you CONCENTRATE and FOCUS your mind on what you want - on your own destiny - then you will become STRONG.


When you use your mind to say "NO" to whatever others want you to do - then you will find your mind has got power to live your life. Saying "NO" to others who are selfish and bad for you - will be the way you come-back "home" to yourself.


Sun in Capricorn is saying - you can never ever blame "others" for hurting you - you can only blame yourself for allowing them into your life - when you say NO to them - you're actually saying NO to making any more mistakes - and - hence you're saying YES to success.



This Months Astrological Events Explained

Sun enters Capricorn 22nd December 2018

Sun in Capricorn - 10th StarSign of Zodiac - is saying Concentrate on your Destiny


Your Mind and Thoughts will be STRONG because of


Sun in Capricorn [Earth Sign] Venus in Scorpio [Water Sign]

Mars in Pisces [Water Sign] Saturn in Capricorn [Earth Sign]

Neptune in Pisces [Water Sign] Pluto in Capricorn [Earth Sign]


These 6 planets will be ensuring you can take-control of your own life - but - and - this is important - you must CONCENTRATE on what you want and what you don't want. It's a wonderful opportunity - especially if you're alone for Christmas holidays - because - instead of watching TV or wasting time - you can actually use your mind to CONCENTRATE on your own destined destiny.


Whenever "other" people complain about you - that you're being STUBBORN - the truth is what they're saying is you aren't listening to what they want - your mind is STUBBORN and blocking them from getting you to do what they want you to do.


Being STUBBORN is actually a good quality - because - being STUBBORN is saying - "I know what I want" - and - "I don't want to do whatever you're trying to force me to do- because I know it's not right for me ".


However - being STUBBORN and doing nothing is not the purpose of a STRONG MIND - being STUBBORN and sticking at - concentrating on - wanting and desiring what you want - and - DOING SOMETHING about achieving it - is - the purpose of your strong stubborn mind.


Persistence - stubbornness - determination - focused mind - concentration - are all words that define SUCCESS. And the stronger your mind is during Sun in Capricorn - the more SUCCESS you'll get - but - it you will have to concentrate - so - don't get distracted. A STRONG mind refuses to be influenced by others - especially "people" who are bad for you and take you away from your destiny.



Saturday 22nd December'18 Full Moon in Cancer

The Ending of Endings - Beginning of Beginnings

100% Cleansing Purity of the Perfect Full Moon in Cancer

Perfection is attainable - Full Moon in Cancer will ensure you feel what's 100% right for you


The most powerful astrological moments for Moon Astrology are Full Moon's - the fullness of energy - the maximum potential arrives at the Full Moon - the opposition of Sun on one side of Earth - and - the Moon on the other side of Earth.


The Full Moon opposition is when all of us on Earth - comes directly in between the Sun and Moon - in the meantime the days leading to the Full Moon we are pulled between LOGIC and EMOTIONS - and - then when the Full Moon reveals it's power of truth to you - you make the decision that life wants you to make - then something magical happens - you feel liberated from the negativity.


Indecision, stagnation or nothing happening - or - having a dead-boring life and being in "dead-zone" - means - something is not right with your life. Thankfully - the astrological energies of the Full Moon in Cancer on Saturday 22nd December 2018 - means - it will be complicated and confusing for almost everyone - because "it" will suddenly become LIVELY for everyone - especially anyone who has had nothing happening in past few weeks or few months.


If you've suffered from DEAD-ZONE - and - NOTHING exciting has been happening in your life - then - your awakening is beginning - and - that's thanks to the powerful astrological OPPOSITIONS will make things happen in the next few days.


The emotional energies defined and created by the Full Moon in Cancer - means you wll be FEELING attached to whatever and whoever life wants you to be attached to - and - DISCONNECTED from whoever life wants you to be disconnected from.


Whenever you begin and end phases of your life - it's defined by when you feel NOTHING towards something. When your emotional energies are divorced from someone - that's when you know - it's ended. Conversely, when your emotional energies are strengthened that's when you know there's an upgrade in the bond of attachment.


The Full Moon in Cancer - oppositions to - Sun in Capricorn - Saturn in Capricorn - Pluto in Capricorn will be exceptionally powerful energies of COHESION to your destiny. If you've been undecided about "something" or "someone" - then the - Full Moon will give you the truthful clarity you need in order to make wise decisions about your future.


The good news is that 3 oppositions with Full Moon in Cancer will UNLOCK lots of positive energy to make you feel GOOD about whatever happens - it will define something specific happening for everyone - because of clarity that you will feel - and - depending on the exact xx° of Moon in Cancer - is when the exact GOOD news and specific thing happens to you - and - it will fill you full of POSITIVE energy of desires and wants for whatever life wants you to want.


It will be doing something STRONG for all SunSign - Taurus - Cancer - Virgo - Scorpio - Capricorn - Pisces - [and anyone with planets in these StarSigns]. Most importantly Full Moon in Cancer will force, entice and ensure - you get connected to other people who are truly very good for you - and - it will do so via some UNEXPECTED SHOCKS and SURPRISES - especially on Saturday night, Sunday and Monday.


Anyone who unexpectedly connects with you - with PASSION and LOVE - are doing so - because - destiny wants them to be connected to you - and - anyone who unexpectedly EXPLODES and ARGUES with you - are doing so - because - destiny wants them to be disconnected from you.


Sun in Capricorn and all the planets in our Solar system are saying - STABILITY - COHESION - RELATIONSHIPS - LOVE - HAPPINESS - and - the next few days - will be ensuring everyone is RECONNECTED to whoever you should be connected to - and - most importantly you're DISCONNECTED from anything or anyone who is BAD for you.



Happy New Year 2019

A Huge Amount of Astrological Energy

Destined Karmic Wake-up for Everyone !

The Squares of Outer Planets


Exact on 13th January: Jupiter 14° Sagittarius squares Neptune 14° Pisces

Exact on 21st January: Mars 13° Aries squares Saturn 13° Capricorn



It's a headline - there's a HUGE AMOUNT of a astrological energies - major aspects will be happening - whilst these are the exact dates - both these both squares of outer planets will be active from 1st January 2019 and until Mid-February 2019 - which will be FORCING MAJOR CHANGES to happen - especially things that are really WRONG with life.


The "Sign" to know what's happening to you will be RESTLESSNESS - an inner powerful surge of STRONG FIRE energy to make you WANT and DESIRE to do something with your life. RESTLESSNESS translates into FIRE of anxiety, panic, love, passion and desires for WANTING more to life than you've got.


RESTLESSNESS is your destiny speaking to you - and - telling you something is not right - something needs changing - something isn't making you HAPPY - and - you need something NEW in your life - whilst you need to eliminate something OLD and negative from your life.


Indeed, RESTLESSNESS defined by the astrological squares of 4 outer planets combined with the squares of inner planets Mercury square Mars & Venus square Neptune will ensure MAJOR CHANGES for everyone.


These squares will be profound in January & February 2019 - to ensure that your life CHANGES for the better - for - long-term stability. Which means - everything that's unstable will be tested for stress and strain - and the changing for the better.


Most Fascinating Astrological Configuration of

Outer Planets 1st January => 14th February 2019


Outer planets in StarSigns which are perfect for them - means - rearranging of your life to ensure "perfection"

This means making choices - because - everyone will see with 100% honesty that life isn't perfect


Mars in Aries [Fire Sign] Jupiter in Sagittarius [Fire Sign] Saturn in Capricorn [Earth Sign]

Uranus in Aries [Fire Sign] Neptune in Pisces [Water Sign] Pluto in Capricorn [Earth Sign]


Combined with inner planets of Sun, Mercury & Venus


Mercury in Sagittarius [Fire Sign] until from 5th January 2019

Mercury in Capricorn [Earth Sign] from 5th January => 24th January 2019

Venus in Sagittarius [Fire Sign] from 7th January => 3rd February 2019



Wholesome Perfection & Rebirth for Solar System

Enlightened Revelations of Pure Truth

Mars in Aries - Jupiter in Sagittarius - Saturn in Capricorn - Neptune in Pisces - Pluto in Capricorn

combined with - Mars in Aries - from 1st January 2019 => 14th February 2019

Means 5 Outer Planets in their "home" star sign - like it was at the perfect creation of our Solar System


The truth is I DON'T KNOW exactly what will unfold - other that to say - all the events of the past 150 years have been leading us to the next step-up for humanity. Collectively, humanity grows together - and - that's why "internet" happened - to ensure we all catch-up with each other - learn what everyone else is learning - see whatever everyone else sees.


From November 2018 - we will all collectively be ready for the NEXT STAGE of growth - which will be defined by TRUTHS we need to know - TRUTHS about our solar system - TRUTHS about life - TRUTHS to collectively make us see what life is truly about - will be revealed to all of us at the same time.


You see - definition of a TRUTH - is that you can't go-back to life prior to the moment when you know the TRUTH. And hence that creates advancement for humanity. What "it" will be - will be more than ONE TRUTH - and - "it" will ensure enlightenment for all.


I say I DON'T KNOW because - I don't want to guess nor speculate - but one thing is for sure - it really is VERY BIG - UNIQUE in the history of mankind - and we're all living so that we can experience "it" and see "it" - and - collectively grow together - to become enlightened, wiser and better humans. Indeed, it's what you could call as "growing-up" - and - now the outer planets are saying - we're all ready to "grow-up!"



Mars enters Aries on 1st January 2019

Mercury in Sagittarius [Fire Sign] Jupiter in Sagittarius [Fire Sign]

Mars in Aries [Fire Sign] Uranus in Aries [Fire Sign]


And from 7th January 2019 - Venus in Sagittarius [Fire Sign]


Planets in [Fire Sign] define FREEDOM - Fire needs open space to be free - hence - Jupiter in Sagittarius is all about FREEDOM - being able to be yourself - because you're not being blocked or prevented from enjoying your life.


Jupiter has a specific mission and that's to give you reasons to look-forward to the future - because - something positive is changing in your life - more importantly something negative is vanishing from your life.


Hence, the combination of astrological energies that 4-5 planets in [Fire Signs] unlocks is unique energy to create FREEDOM - and - not been like this for the past 12 years. Hence - when you feel what you're going to be feelings - when you see what you'll be experiencing - when suddenly MAJOR changes are unlocked to happen - you'll realize that "it" is once-a-lifetime - and - you should realize how precious it is.


Any of you who've been waiting for a "miracle" to set you free from something that's been preventing you from being yourself - then starting with Mars in Aries [Fire Sign] from Tuesday 1st January 2019 => 14th February 2019 - will ensure - you get SET FREE from the negativity that's been making you feel "DEAD".


Real changes - real events - real people - will make you become optimistic about your future - because something NEW will be happening in your life - something you can't see yet - to set you free from the "dead" and "depressing" stagnation.



Deciding to Positively Change-Your-Mind

The Big "switch" flips-on from 1st January 2019

The major astrological changes will define a "switch" flips inside everyone from 1st January 2019


The intensity of astrological energies - especially with - Sun - Mercury - Saturn - Pluto in Capricorn all which are ensuring you don't get distracted by anyone or anything that you've got nothing to do with anymore - means that your mind and thoughts are now concentrated on what you WANT in your life.


As explained in the above introduction - the Sun-Saturn conjunction - is ensuring you don't make any mistakes - and - hence - anyone or anything that defines a "mistake" or a "distraction" in your life - will be eliminated from your life.


Most significantly is that it ensures you're FOCUSED - because when you know what you DON'T WANT - automatically - you become awakened and aware of knowing what you DO WANT.


When you eat whatever you eat - you do so - because you've tried other foods and always eat the food your body loves. The same in relationships - the same in job - the same in career - the same in home - the same in all the things you need in your life. Decisions are instinctively made because you know what is good for you - because you've learnt from the BAD experiences of knowing what's been bad for you.


The irony will be - "things" that you've been told are good for you - but you ignored will be revealed again to you - and - now you'll want to try it. And "things" you thought were bad for you - because - you're OPEN-MINDED - you'll listen to and try them - and magically it will now work-out successfully for you.


Whatever "it" is - will be happening by coincidences - because, you, me and everyone on the planet will be feeling the same energies to want to be connected to whatever and whoever is right - and - wanting to be disconnected to whatever and whoever is wrong.


The MOST important facets of your life - are - RELATIONSHIPS with other people. The destined good relationships can be the BEST things in your life - the reasons for SUCCESS is because you're CONNECTED to the right people - and - that's something you'll see from now onwards and will get stronger and stronger for the next 6 months - in January - February - March - April - May - June 2019. And the decisions you make - the changing of your mind - other people changing their minds - will come because - it's time for a change for everyone.



2nd January: Sun 11° Capricorn conjunct Saturn 11° Capricorn

4th January: Sun 14° Capricorn sextiles Neptune 14° Pisces

4th January: Mercury 28° Sagittarius trines Uranus [retrograde] 28° Aries

5th January: Mercury enters Capricorn



The Capricorn New Moon 6th January 2019

6th January: New Moon 15° Capricorn [ To be explained Fully on Moon Astrology ]


New Moon in Capricorn - Sun in Capricorn - Mercury in Capricorn - Saturn in Capricorn - Pluto in Capricorn - this intense karmic period is defined by planets in Capricorn - all of which are collectively moving to create conjunctions at the New Moon of 6th January 2019.


This conjunction will bring your mind and thoughts unusual clarity - truthful clarity - and as with all conjunctions it stimulates your mind to think with clarity - in karmic Capricorn - it will tune-you-into your destiny.


It is the moment of inspired brilliance, "acts of GOD" and unexpected coincidences - when - somehow or another - you will be moved to be exactly where you should be connected to the right people - and - most importantly DISCONNECTED from the wrong people.


The New Moon in Capricorn will give you 100% clarity - you'll know the difference between right and wrong - and you'll know what your destiny wants you to do. It's going to be making a lot of things happen very quickly in 3 stages.


[1] 1st stage revealing itself between 1st January => 10th January 2019 - realization changes need to happen

[2] 2nd stage between 6th January => Full Moon 21st January 2019 - seeing the changes happen in real life

[3] 3rd stage between 6th January => 31st January 2019 - feeling "ALIVE" because you've listened and changed


Both these stages will define something very important in your life - something DESTINY needs to give you - because it is your DESTINY. Karmic experiences are always inexplicable - so don't question things - just ACCEPT - then you'll see life unfolding and going much smoother than if you attempt to FIGHT or RESIST changes.


Natural human instinct is to RESIST change - but immediately you see CHANGE is good - and as the Moon becomes stronger - you'll embrace it without even questioning. Then after each of the intense squares between 6th January => 31st January 2019 there will come a breaking-point and a breakthrough when it will become clear that MAJOR CHANGES are vitally essential.


8th January: Mercury 4° Capricorn squares Mars 4° Aries

13th January: Jupiter 14° Sagittarius squares Neptune 14° Pisces

21st January: Mars 13° Aries squares Saturn 13° Capricorn

31st January: Mars 21° Aries squares Pluto 21° Capricorn


As soon as you've accepted "it" - as soon as you've done "it" - as soon as you're living the life that destiny wants you to live - you'll be filled full of ALIVNESS and EXCITEMENT. Depending on your astrological chart that ecstatic moment will be anytime from the 6th January => 31st January 2019 - something NEGATIVE vanishes from your life - and - something POSITIVE comes into your life.



All the Outer Planets direct

From 7th January => 11th April 2019

The major astrological fact will be that all the outer will be direct from 7th January => 11th April 2019

Life is saying - look-foward to the future - use all your past experiences to get it right from now onwards



7th January: Uranus goes direct at 28°36' Aries - as explained on "Healing-Your-Uranus" - the 3 outer planets of Uranus - Neptune - Pluto - define - making the impossible become possible - define using your mind to WANT and DESIRE to make something exciting happen in your life.


The power to create "SOMETHING FROM NOTHING" is often called - MAKING MIRACLES - or - MAKING DREAMS COME TRUE. A perfect example is when you get pregnant - it's a miracle - creation of life - "something from nothing" - even though it's got logic behind it - it's still a MAGICAL MIRACLE when it happens.


Whenever "SOMETHING FROM NOTHING" happens - it makes you come ALIVE with HAPPINESS that is pure ecstaty. And often Uranus effect is compared to SEX. Especially when you've not had sex in a long time or not been in a sexually exciting relationship.


Uranus going direct in Aries [FireSign] - combined with - Mars in Aries [FireSign] - with - trines - to Jupiter in Sagittarius [FireSign] - will be igniting the DESIRES to want to create "SOMETHING FROM NOTHING".


Somehow or another - everyone - whatever you age and astrological chart - and - however boring your life might appear to be - you will get a SHOCK and UNEXPECTED SURPRISE between 7th January => 14th February 2019 - which will define "SOMETHING" you never expected to happen. It will take-you-away from your current situation and propel you into NEW situations.


I should add that for those of you - who need Uranus to be in Taurus - as it was between 15th May => 8th November 2018 - then - Uranus will be back in Taurus for 7 years from 6th March 2019 and until 2025 - to create - "SOMETHING FROM NOTHING" and - MAKE MIRACLES - MAKING YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE.


You might sense things about to change - but for you - you'll need to WAIT until after 6th March 2019 for the MAGIC to happen - in the meantime - your WANTS and DESIRES for a change will be getting stronger and stronger.


The good news for you - if you need to wait - is - that anything that has created SADNESS and INSTABILITY in your life during Uranus in Aries since March 2011 - will be deleted from your life between now and then. Mars & Uranus in Aries - with - Jupiter in Sagittarius will ensure you're SET-FREE from your anxiety and worries.




7th January: Venus enters Sagittarius - Venus is the planet of "Love and Money" - the planet that turns your heart on - that circulates the energy around your body - the stimulates your mind and thoughts with aliveness and excitement.


Everything and everyone that creates aliveness and happiness in your life will be awakened in your life - quite remarkably and surprisingly - the definition of HAPPINESS will be in your life. Especially as people from the "past" will be changing their minds towards you - and - you too will be changing your mind towards "life" - in that which makes you HAPPY and discarding anything UNHAPPY.



Sun in Capricorn [Earth Sign] Mercury in Capricorn [Earth Sign]

Saturn in Capricorn [Earth Sign] Pluto in Capricorn [Earth Sign]


Venus in Sagittarius [Fire Sign] Jupiter in Sagittarius [Fire Sign]

Mars in Aries [Fire Sign] Uranus in Aries [Fire Sign]



You see - so often in relationships - you might have found the perfect destined relationship but with Venus in Scorpio until 7th January 2019 you didn't feel it's true value in your life - so you need Venus in Sagittarius [Fire Sign] to enliven you - to excite you - to "warm" you up - to "turn" you on - to see the goodness of what life is showing you.


Indeed, when people "hate" life - it's because the negativity and depression makes life painful. But when things change for the better - and - you LOVE LIFE - then - everything about life becomes wonderful.


It's true about "LOVE" - when - you truly LOVE people - then you attract lots of people in your life that you LOVE. But when you hate even one person with anger - then - your mind is filled with anger and hatred for all people. The configuration of planets wants to ensure you LOVE LIFE - because - you LOVE the good people in your life.



Conjunctions create Coincidences

When something good happens that you couldn't have planned - you realize it's destiny


2nd January: Sun 11° Capricorn conjunct Saturn 11° Capricorn

11th January: Sun 20° Capricorn conjunct Pluto 20° Capricorn

13th January: Mercury 12° Capricorn conjunct Saturn 12° Capricorn


Whilst these conjunctions are exact on 11th & 13th January - Sun in Capricorn - depending on when it touches your astrological chart - depending when life creates the coincidences to happen for you - is when it could happen - anytime from 22nd December 2018 => 20th January 2019 - but without any doubts everyone will receive something from destiny.


You'll realize what life is showing you - and - instead of saying "NO" to it - which you might have said "NO" a few months ago - the conjunctions will ensure you say "YES" - as - conjunctions show you that it's a very good idea to say "YES".


These conjunctions are the reasons why I've told many of you - to WAIT until you hear the word "YES" - until you're ready to say the word "YES" - and - the only reason you'll say "YES" will be because of 100% clarity that it's going to be successful for you - especially the way the events will make things happen by "coincidence".




Squares force Changes - to - Enlighten You

Changing your Mind - Changing attitude to Life

When something creates too much pain - you realize - something needs changing



8th January: Mercury 4° Capricorn squares Mars 4° Aries

13th January: Jupiter 14° Sagittarius squares Neptune 14° Pisces





18th January: Venus 11° Sagittarius trines Mars 11° Aries




Sun in Capricorn until 20th January 2019

"Actions Speaking Louder than Words"


The configuration of planets - with the exceptional fact that there are NO planets in Air StarSigns of - Aquarius - Gemini - Libra - means - that there's no room for "maybe", "indecision" or "doubts" - there's only answers for YES or NO.


When you've got "doubts" - it's because - you're confused by mixture of both truth and deceptive lies. When someone promises to help you - and - does nothing - it defines - you can't trust them - they've lied to you.


All bonds in relationships are created because of TRUTH. All the best decisions you'll make is because you've seen all the truthful facts - and - during - Sun in Capricorn - MAJOR decisions will be made in everyone's lives because you'll see the TRUTH with 100% clarity.


Bonds of relationships - bonds of stability - good luck and profound success will be created because of TRUTH. Hence, for "some" - you'll see - things falling apart because there's no truth holding it together. The good news is whatever FALLS-APART during Sun in Capricorn - a better alternatives for your future will be given to you - freedom from lies will be created for you during Sun in Aquarius.







Sun in Aquarius from 20th January 2019

"Freedom from lies - freedom from liars"

Negativity equals something bad for you


Aquarius created energies to set you free from anything that's wrong for you - freedom from negativity


20th January: Sun enters Aquarius

21st January: Full Moon at 0°51' Leo - at 6am CET

21st January: Mars 13° Aries squares Saturn 13° Capricorn

22nd January: Venus 15° Sagittarius conjunct Jupiter 15° Sagittarius

22nd January: Venus 16° Sagittarius trines Mars 16° Aries

24th January: Mercury enters Aquarius

25th January: Mars 16° Aries trines Jupiter 16° Sagittarius

29th January: Mercury 9° Aquarius conjunct Sun 9° Aquarius

30th January: Saturn 14° Capricorn sextiles Neptune 14° Pisces

31st January: Mars 21° Aries squares Pluto 21° Capricorn