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Meditation התבודדות

[1] 1st Audio file is - "Your Soul is searching for answers - when you realize that earthly materialism isn't enough"


[2] 2nd Audio file is - "Meditation is Synchronization of your higher self with earthly self"


True spiritual Meditation התבודדות is the process when you LEAVE this physical world - by creating a spiritual thought energy to find yourself "at one" with the DIVINE. The meditative state is when you come to a state of NOTHINGNESS - whilst in a state of being physically AWAKE and ALERT. Being "in control" of your mind to SEND your MIND and it's thoughts to the spiritual realms is true Meditation.

True Meditation is when you use your awakened mind to SWITCH OFF to all energies in this physical world and to DISCONNECT from all aspects of this physical world - and allow your mind to transcend BEYOND this physical earthly existence to the spiritual realms.

At the perfect state of true spiritual Meditation התבודדות is when you have no identity, no worries nor any connection with anything or anyone in this physical world. And yet you are AWAKE. The state must be attained when you are thinking of NOTHING in this physical world. All your thoughts MUST be connected with the DIVINE spirit world.

Your everyday physical existence is always restricted and confined into specific boundaries, time, place and experiences - whereas your spiritual existence can expand beyond physical boundaries BUT only if when LET GO of everything physical that keeps you LOCKED into boundaries that TRAP and CONTAIN your physical experiences and existence.

A truly spiritually enlightened person can live in this physical world with a "detached" attitude - whilst having all their thoughts connected to the Divine spiritual world. For everyone else - we can attain this enlightened meditative state for an hour or so a day - [and even that's an achievement] - but it's that meditative hour that will bring meaning and energy to the rest of the day.


"For where your treasure is - that's where your heart is ...."

No one can serve TWO masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other

Or else he will be loyal to the one and despise the other - You cannot serve GOD and Earthly life.

Mathew Chapter 6 verses 21 & 25


Slaves of the Earthbound Materialistic Physical World

It's always easy to "read" people - because as soon as they start talking - you know what they're all about - for whatever is on a person's mind - is what "they" start to talk about. In most cases, the conversations are about something EARTHLY and MATERIALISTIC. "They" are slaves of the Earthbound physical world - nothing else enters their "minds" - except MONEY and how to make MONEY and how to spend MONEY.

The lifelong existence of an "Earthbound" soul is trapped into slavery of the necessity of MONEY in order to LIVE life. Even if they have more money than they need to live for 1 week - their FIXED, STUBBORN and ENSLAVED EARTHBOUND MIND is thinking of MONEY - how to make MONEY and how to spend MONEY.

No wonder why Jesus proclaimed that a man who thinks of and loves MONEY can't enter the spiritual kingdom of Heaven. Because "they" NEED and are ATTACHED to MONEY so much - that "they" can't let go of MONEY unless it is for something of "material" value - which continues their enslavement to their EARTHBOUND existence.


Your Attitude & Thoughts Define Your Aura

Energies define your Aura - and your spiritual soul by what you're thinking - What fills your mind most? What are you thinking about most in your life? Many idiots have constant nonstop earthly desires and worries of "MONEY" - because people believe "MONEY" will answer all their other problems.

To think of ONE thing like "MONEY" all the time - is a HUGE WASTE of your Super-Brain's Capabilities - and yet everyone does - UNTIL - one becomes enlightened. That's when you realize - the need to THINK spiritually as much as you THINK about earthly things.


Astrologically you should be thinking of 12 Categories of your Life - Each and Every Day - Are You? Whilst it is important to THINK about MONEY - you shouldn't be NON-STOP thinking about MONEY - as "Money, Finances & Possessions" should only occupy a maximum of 2 hours thinking time a day. It's only 1/12th of the astrological day. MONEY should NOT be the reason for living - and should NOT be reason you do whatever you do during the day.

The day consists of 24 hours - 12 x 2 hour astrological periods. Hence, if you're worrying and thinking all your waking hours about "money" - you're unbalanced and your mind is not living "naturally". The way you "think" needs to change !

And I should add that it's natural to think about "sex/loving" for 2 hours a day - and about eating for 2 hours a day - and meditating about spiritual matters for 2 hours a day - and relaxing/enjoying life for 2 hours a day - and having exercise/walking using your physical body for 2 hours a day - and socializing / communicating with your friends for 2 hours a day - and learning for 2 hours a day - helping your family / relatives / children for 2 hours a day - and appreciating and keeping your home clean for 2 hours a day. Even though you might be "working" full time - you know that you can always THINK of other things like your family and loving relationships whilst you're working.

This year and until 2018 - Uranus in Aries will ensure you do MORE THINKING than usual as the powerful Uranus in Aries will WAKE everyone up - and you will realize that you NEED to use your "HEAD" to change your life by changing the way you THINK and what you THINK about. You will realize that NOT using your head properly has created inner pain and many problems in your life - so now it's time to give your HEAD the nurturing it needs - so that you don't get any headaches.

When your HEAD is functioning properly then you function properly - when you can't think that's when you can't function and that's why you've made mistakes. Indeed, we're all learning to UNDO the bad decisions and make good decisions - but to begin with - we need to THINK clearly. So use your HEAD to THINK about what you should be THINKING about - instead of wasting it on one or two areas of your life!


Freedom is being Detached from the Earthbound Physical World

From my experiences of people - I can see that it's truly a karmic gift to be FREE from the Earthbound physical enslavement MONEY. Even so, it can be attained by working on your soul - and especially now in the transformative years of 2013 => 2020 as the world is on it's collective journey to spiritual enlightenment - we're all going to see how the meaningless pursuit of MONEY has destroyed the essence of life. As you'll see in these years that even "love", "marriages" and "relationships" that are decided and exist because of their monetary value - will destroy people's lives - as the energy of MONEY dies.

If there was NO MONEY in the world - and you couldn't BUY anything or value anything - then it would be like the world has DIED. As we enter the age of spiritual enlightenment the biggest test and most awful experience for many people will be living in a world WITHOUT MONEY.

The moment you realize this concept - is when you realize that you're existence UNTIL NOW has been ENSLAVED to an Earthbound physical world. The vast majority of your time and thoughts in the sanctuary of your ming have been used and are being used to THINK of how to EXIST as an EARTHBOUND SLAVE OF MONEY and it's meaningless values. The moment you STOP THINKING of MONEY - is the enlightened moment you become FREE from slavery of being an Earthbound soul.

Now, I know we all need to live on Earth - and it's not easy when you're young and impressionable - but as you mature - you'll see and learn that there's more to life than the earthbound pursuit of MONEY. But your lifelong quest must be to find FREEDOM from being Earthbound. Otherwise you'll die as a failure for no slave of money ever dies as a free and successful person.


Are you FREE or Are you a SLAVE ?

You Are Exactly Where Your Thoughts are ....

What are YOU THINKING about ? Where are the vast majority of your thoughts ? Who are you connected with and why ?


If any of the thoughts in your head are because of MONEY - then you are a SLAVE. Whereas if any of the thoughts in your head are spiritually idealistic away from "earthly" existence - then you are FREE.

Most people start their lives as SLAVES - unless they have good karma that has protected them from being born slaves - but on the journey of life there comes a defining moment when you are FREED from enslavement as you realize all your thoughts and all the people you've been connected with have been in the pursuit of enslavement to earthbound existence. When you are awakened your realize that even your "loving" relationships have been MONEY related - hence doomed to failure as "dead"-relationships of enslavement. Ask yourself - if MONEY wasn't a factor - would you be connected to such people?

The transition to FREEDOM is releasing yourself from the "love of MONEY and it's addictive powers of enslavement". Let GO of money and be FREE. I've recently seen the addiction to MONEY has meant that even readers of this website couldn't even let go of £1/ $1/ 1€ - and yet they'll waste more than that every second in the "shops".

Such people whom I call "failures" - eventually lie on their death bed - thinking of their meaningless physical experiences of "life" without a thought of their spirituality. These failures are thinking of energies of earthbound enslavement instead of enlightened energies of Eternal FREEDOM.


Slaves Live in constant Fear and Worry

If at anytime of the day or night - you are fearful - it means you are a SLAVE for an important stage of being spiritually enlightened is to have NO FEARS. In the past generations the most important FEAR people had was of DEATH and of DYING - but in our materialistically enslaved generation the biggest FEAR is ironically the FEAR of LIVING and FEAR of having NO MONEY to live on !

When you have attained the state of being AT PEACE with GOD - and have found spiritual enlightenment - it means you accept DEATH as a spiritual transition and aren't worried about MONEY.

Your AURA consists of THOUGHT energies - what are you thinking about - what energies are you emitting from your mind ? Worries and fears - OR - enlightened happiness full of optimistic positive light ?


Purpose of Meditation התבודדות is "Freedom"

and to shift You from being "Earthbound" to being "Divine"

What are you thinking about? What's been on your mind during the majority of the day today? Your Earthbound physical existence or your eternal Spiritual existence? True spiritual Meditation shifts your attachment from being EARTHBOUND to being Spiritually DIVINE.

True spiritual Meditation shifts you from being DEAD to becoming ALIVE. True spiritual Meditation detaches you from all earthbound DEAD energies to attaching you to DIVINE LIFE energies of Eternal life.

There's another BIG advantage of becoming FREE and that is you'll never ever be constrained by physical life - not by space, nor time nor situations nor people - if life doesn't given you the physical freedom - it does NOT matter - because you have the FREEDOM in your mind.


How to Meditate התבודדות

The quickstart guide to Meditation




Simple and it works - just imagine you are no longer on Earth

With internet apps like "Google Earth" and Planets APP for Apple"

You can zoom in on exactly where YOU are on Earth

& then zoom out and take yourself AWAY from Earth


Meditate and Take Your Thoughts Away from Earth

"השפעות מלמעלה - אין סוף"

Concentrate The Infinite Space of the Outer Ether

Image reproduced by Courtesy of NASA


Think of the Vast Infinite Space of the Whole Universe

The Millions and Millions of Miles of Space

And how SMALL Earth is and how SMALL you are.


Start by Thinking of this for 5 mins - and then longer if you can.

Until you spend 1 hour a day AWAY from Earth with the Infinite Divine

The moment of Divine Oneness You realize you're Nothing

That's when you've found FREEDOM



The Essence of Meditation התבודדות is Yoga - Oneness

Meditation התבודדות means eliminating WHO and WHAT you are - and becoming NOTHING

In that state of physical nothingness - you then become ONE with the DIVINE

In that state of physical nothingness - you THINK of NOTHING as you become ONE with the DIVINE



"State of Nothingness"

The Divine Creator of the Universe is an infinite Oneness

Meditation is when you find yourself seeing this physical world as the Divine creator of the Universe sees it

Almost as a physical NOTHINGNESS - a speck in the cosmic infinite Universe.

When you've arrived at a state of NOTHINGNESS - you'll know.




Alternative Meditation ..... sitting in a Pure "House of Prayer"

I'm sometimes reluctant to make this suggestion - as there are too many physical distractions - especially some Church's - full of tourists wandering in and out - taking photos and looking for "GOD" - not finding "him" and walking out.

As VERY VERY FEW people actually STOP and SIT DOWN in a Church for an hour - with dignified peace and respect. So if you do go to a Church - make sure it's one that is dignified with a spiritual peacefulness - light a candle and just SIT in PEACE - and THINK of NOTHING except the infinite DIVINE creator of the VAST infinite Universe.


Inside St Stephens Cathedral Budapest .......... Duomo in Milan ....................................St Peters in the Vatican


The private chapel in St Peters Friedhof Cemetery in Salzburg, Austria

One of my favourite places to pray and meditate


Purpose of Meditation התבודדות

The highest form of Meditation התבודדות is being in a state without a single thought - 100% SILENCE.

When you have vacated your physical existence and you're "somewhere" else thinking of NOTHING.




The Key to Meditation התבודדות is SILENCE

Doing NOTHING because you are NOTHING


3 Steps of Meditation התבודדות


1. "All beings are in Me, but I am not in them" Bhagavad Gita Chapter 9

realization that "The Eternal Divine GOD is WITHIN You .... "


2. Accepting a state of being NO-ONE and being NOTHING


"The Paradox of Life - of Earthly Life versus Spiritual Life

"When you know you are RIGHT - you are actually WRONG

& When you think you are Wrong - you are in fact RIGHT"

When you believe you are "SOMEONE" - you are actually "NO-ONE"

When you know you're a"nothing" - then you are in fact SOMETHING


3. There is "nothing" in the world except Divine GOD אין עוד מלבדו

"Nothing" means "Everything" & "Everything" means "Nothing"



Each of these spiritual secrets and deep concepts - I explain in the "The Book of the Secret's Secrets ספר סודי סודות"


Connecting with the Pure Spirit World of Souls

Sitting silently in a pure, clean place of worship or sitting silently in the presence of the aura of a spiritually pure tomb or grave of a good person is perfect for cleansing your aura and being connected to the Divine Spiritual realms - anything, anyone and anywhere that takes you AWAY from the earthly earthbound existence is the pathway to freedom and the pure state of Meditation התבודדות with the DIVINE.


אור הגנוז The Hidden Spiritual Light

During a meditation - you should sense the "אור הגנוז The Hidden Spiritual Light"

Because all souls who are FREE from earthly enslavement have the Spiritual Light glowing brightly



The Divine GOD knows all your needs - so NEVER EVER ask nor pray for anything in a meditation

Give thanks to GOD for everything but NEVER ASK for anything.




סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם