The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

The Mystery of GOD סוד ה ליראיו

Audio file is - "Understanding the mystery of the invisible DIVINE ether"


Without no doubt, the single most important question on everyone's mind is "Does GOD really exist?"


Everyone "knows" of GOD - Everyone has some belief or disbelief in GOD - Everyone has thought of GOD sometime in their life - and Everyone has confusion of who GOD really is and yet Everyone has a belief that GOD exists - "GOD" is the BIGGEST MYSTERY in the WORLD.

We grow up with childish thoughts of GOD being a man-in-heaven dressed in white with a long beard who dishes out judgments of goodness and badness to whoever he feels like, therefore each of us forms our own personal perception of what one needs to do in order to be in God's good-books to get a good life.

Additionally man-made religions, teachers and parents add to make-up their own rules to suit themselves and add to form our collective perception of what is considered to be "good" and worthy of a good life of heavenly rewards. The truth is that everything you've been taught is brainwashed indoctrinated hereditary garbage and utter nonsense.

For all the traditional teachings - explain that GOD is FAR AWAY in a distant place - and not around you right here and right now. These nonsensical traditional teachings also preach that GOD is an EXTERNAL and DETACHED being - and as so - "he" only looks after "his" chosen few - and everyone else "he" ignores. It also teaches that only when you are "pure" , "holy" and "good" - can you connect with GOD - otherwise you have NO access to GOD - All the above is 100% NONSENSE.


"GOD is Everything and Everything is GOD"

There is "nothing" except GOD אין עוד מלבדו

"Nothing" means "Everything" & "Everything" means "Nothing"

"GOD is Everything and Everything is GOD"


I can't convince you of this truth nor can I brainwash you - it is a truthful realization you will come to understand as you search for GOD - as you SEARCH for answers to the meaning of life and as you search to comprehend the "mystery of GOD". When you arrive at the enlightened brilliant truthful understanding that GOD is EVERYTHING and EVERYTHING is GOD - then you will realize that wherever you are, whatever time of the day or night and whatever you are doing the DIVINE GOD is always present, always understands you and always understands everything you're experiencing and always understands why you do something even BEFORE you've done it.


The DIVINE GOD understands everything about "you" - even BEFORE you even start to pray and before you think of GOD - that's why TRUE PRAYER is asking for NOTHING - true prayer is awakening to the reality that you have a constant Eternal bond and real connection with the DIVINE GOD always - every second of every minute of the day and night - and that's because GOD is EVERYTHING and EVERYTHING is GOD. When we feel empty and disconnected - it is not "GOD's" fault - it is our fault for choosing to block out thoughts of this reality - that the DIVINE GOD is EVERYTHING and is EVERYWHERE all of the time.


The Moment of Enlightened Truth ניצוץ של קדושה

All the true spiritual teachers, wise and intelligent deep thinkers in the whole world and throughout all generations start life in SEARCH of GOD and in search to find the real truth. The moment each and everyone "finds GOD" is the moment one immediately attains enlightenment. At the moment one understands the truth of GOD - one's LIFE CHANGES FOREVER. You will immediately become enlightened because finally you understand the secret and mystery of GOD.

There will be no going back to old perceptions or misguided notions about "God" - it is like day and night - right and wrong - love and hate - once one has experienced daylight - one will never accept darkness as the norm - it may take time to digest - but once one has been touched by the enlightened spiritual truth - there will no going back to the past. It is the day you FIND GOD WITHIN YOU and realize that GOD is Everything. Everyone of planet Earth is part of an energy of the DIVINE GOD and everything in the Universe is a part of the DIVINE GOD too - we are all part of the continual sustained energies of DIVINE GOD - and if GOD didn't exist for 1 second - then we wouldn't exist either.

The current astrological energies and in fact ever since Neptune enters Pisces in April 2011 - the age of spiritual enlightenment has arrived. People who are OPEN and have good past-life karma - are becoming enlightened much faster than those with "heavy" past-life karmic energies. But Neptune in Pisces between 2011 and 2025 - will ensure everyone becomes spiritually enlightened and will realize with brilliant clarity that they have the DIVINE energy WITHIN - as predicted in the Book of Daniel.


The Spark of Godliness ניצוץ של קדושה

The spiritual truth is - GOD is EVERYTHING - GOD is within EVERYTHING because GOD IS EVERYTHING. In real and scientific terms - look at every cell that collectively makes up "everything" - consists of the protons and neutrons in the nucleus together with the energy of the electrons creates an identity of a single cell - that is the ENERGY of GOD.

The make-up and composition of every single item on earth, both individually and collectively in the whole Universe has it's own unique permutation of energies, both physical energy and spiritual energy, which are collectively energies of protons, neutrons and electrons hence essentially everything is ENERGY and that ENERGY is GOD.

Indeed, it is fascinating that the brilliant scientists working on Hadron-Collider have realized this TRUTH [without realizing it] - that to FIND the answers they're searching for - they need to investigate the smallest of particles - that's where you will FIND the source of creation. For GOD is EVERYTHING.

When the destined karmic time comes - when it is revealed to the scientists during their experiments - EVERYONE will realize that the invisible spark of Divine Godliness is - WITHIN EVERYTHING - and WITHIN EVERYONE - because GOD is EVERYTHING - that will be a destined moment of brilliant enlightenment in the whole world. In the meantime - it is your choice to find these answers from WITHIN you.


The Mystery of GOD סוד ה ליראיו

When you believe you are "SOMEONE" - you are actually "NO-ONE"

When you know you're a"nothing" - then you are in fact SOMETHING

That's the Divine that is Within You


The closer you are to the TRUTH - the more you realize the "nothingness" that you are

The further away you are from the TRUTH - the more important you think you are.

For believing in your individuality is furthest away from the DIVINE ONENESS.


God is Everything & Everything is GOD


Immediately one recognizes the fact that EVERYTHING is GOD - EVERYTHING is created and sustained by the energy GOD - then one WAKES UP and realizes that "you" are not really an individual - but "you" are an intrinsic part of GOD - you have an energy of GODLINESS [ניצוץ של קדושה] within you that is pure. Your hands, limbs, body, skin - everything "you" are - is really the ENERGY OF GOD - and Everything you see and touch is energy of GOD too.

The 1st moment of enlightenment means that you now realize no-one has neglected you, no-one has forgotten you, you are definitely not "alone" - and for every moment that you are still alive - you have the chance to CONNECT to the Eternal Divine energy of GOD that is within you - so wake up and connect with GOD - the energy of GOD is within you !

The Bible-Torah is very clear when it says "GOD is not in the heavens above or beyond - GOD is close to everyone, GOD is within our words and mouths and in our hearts and soul" [Deuteronomy 30 v 12-14].

This knowledge is extremely powerful, it should make you feel in awe and humbled, for as we know physical human life is "ashes to ashes - dust to dust" - we are indeed "nothing" - this physical body is merely a creation of GOD's ENERGY for our soul to travel in during the journey of this physical life.

The next stage of understanding this truth is to meditate on this reality, feel inspired and enlightened that GOD is within every cell of our body, is within everything we are and is all around us in everything we see. For GOD is EVERYTHING and EVERYTHING is GOD - and yet GOD is the most invisible of energies. This indeed is a mystery - just like attempting to find out where your soul is. It is a mystery.

This should make you feel overwhelmed with joy and happiness because you have probably been searching the internet for GOD and searching in vain for answers to the meaning of your life - and now you realize that the answer has been within you - all the time - YOU have GOD within YOU - because every cell of your body is the energy of GOD.


Enlightenment creates Harmony, Peace & Unity

Becoming Spiritually enlightened makes you aware that we are all connected because we are all a part of God


In recognizing this enlightened truth that we are all part of the same GOD, in whatever different shape, form and aspects we take and wherever we maybe - we are all connected to each other. Hence the spiritually enlightened soul can never hate, attack nor destroy anyone nor anything - because in doing so, they are hating, attacking and destroying a part of themselves.

A spiritually enlightened soul will ONLY be able to love, be kind and compassionate to EVERYONE because spiritually enlightened souls knows that everyone is a part of the same GOD to be loved and respected equally - how can you possibly HATE or attempt to DESTROY a part of "you".

The moment you start to look at EVERYONE as being a part of GOD, you will change your opinion and attitude towards others and yourself because you genuinely see and sense in them the same ENERGY of GOD that's WITHIN you.

Spiritual Enlightenment defines you will start to be more compassionate, kind and loving towards everyone and in turn the energy within your own body and in your own aura will change, you will become ALIVE and start to grow spiritually - you will certainly become more sociable and automatically enjoy meeting and getting to know as many people as you possibly can - for the more real people you meet in real life the more profound your soul can develop it's spiritual energy of GODLINESS. This indeed is the spiritual karmic blessing of the internet - as it connects many people together in unity.


Understanding Clearly the Mystery of GOD


Wisdom, clarity and understanding are spiritual gifts of pure thought energy that are intuited/given from the Eternal Divine Spiritual realms to people who have the correct vibration of energy within their physical body, the energy of their cells within their mind, thoughts and soul that is in tune with the greater Eternal Divine spiritual realms because such an individual has eliminated their personal physical individualistic identity and joined the collective mass energy of GOD.

I've always said that WISDOM is a DIVINE GIFT - and clarity is defined as TRUTH - whereas confusion is defined as LIES. Hence, whilst you're constantly receiving WISDOM - you need to solve the mystery of life - by eliminating all CONFUSION and LIES from one's life.

When the person has achieved this idealistic serene state of wholesomeness, peace and truthful clarity - then DIVINE knowledge and wisdom is able to shine, resonate and come-out from within the person's soul - this is simply the wholesome completion of the Eternal Divine GOD within that person's soul.

Once a person has attained this enlightened peaceful state - one will feel the glow of inner energy from within. Everything in life makes sense and all the answers one needs are given, knowledge bestowed and the mystery of GOD is solved, hence the meaning of life becomes crystal clear.


Transcending Time & Space creates Individuals


It's a fact of life - from the moment we're born - we think of ourselves as individuals, live our lives concerned and worried about ourselves, the more selfish we are, the more greedy we become - the more hateful we become - the less spiritual we are - and the more detached from "others" we want - and forget about "thinking" the real meaning of life - until one day we die.

The current astrological energies are changing all that - and the challenge of human beings, life on earth and for all of mankind is to undo this "past" false futile pathway of being selfish independent individuals and find spiritual truth. It's a challenge - a mysterious and an individual journey of searching for answers. But NOW is the karmic time for everyone to FIND the answers.


Each living entity that is born, transcends into this physical world whom in the constraints of transcending into "time and space" from the collective Eternal Divine spiritual world of souls - the energy becomes "an individual". Your lifelong quest is to understand the meaning of life and to comprehend that the pathway to spiritual enlightenment is a journey of ascending from this world of constrictive "time and space" to become part of the collective Eternal Divine energy of GOD. Hence in reality we have transcended to become individuals with the purpose of learning, growing spiritually and ascending to become at ONE with GOD.


Pathway to Spiritual Enlightenment

המשכילים יזהירו כזוהר הרקיע ומצדיקי הרבים ככוכבים לעולם ועד

The wise will enlighten with knowledge like the skies and they will create stars of light for Eternity

Book of Daniel Chapter 12 verse 3


According to the hidden secrets of the Book of Daniel, the purpose of enlightened souls at the "end of time" is to inform others of this Eternal Divine Wisdom; once a person has this wisdom then they will glow and radiate the same Eternal Divine Energy. Like a candle light lighting another candle light.

According to Book of Daniel when a specific destined number of enlightened souls are lit and radiate this Eternal Divine Energy of Spiritual Enlightenment it will tip the balance of energy in the world then suddenly the whole world will find peace, love and spiritual enlightenment. It is compared to SUNRISE - and there's a moment PRIOR to sunrise - when the LIGHT become stronger than the DARKNESS - that's what we're living through right NOW. The time of enlightenment PRIOR to seeing a complete wholesome sunrise on humanity.

In our internet generation and specifically at this moment in time between 2013 => 2020 , the world is collectively transforming to recognize the meaningless of selfishness to a world of social interaction, compassion and consideration for others.

The Book of Daniel Chapter 12 verse 3 explains that just as we are enlightened - we then enlighten you - and through this amazing GOD-GIVEN energy of the internet - even though we are far away from you physically through the internet connection, our thoughts, words and wisdom enables us to be very close - to pass on the LIGHT of enlightenement.

This closeness is felt and is real - this is because this spiritual knowledge is Divine energy within you - as you read this page - you are simply uncovering a blanket from your soul and now you are connecting "YOU" to yourself - deep within your soul, connecting to that spark of GOD within you and you are beginning to glow and radiate energy - you're now on the Eternal pathway of spiritual enlightenment.


Everyone has the ability - as Everyone is Everything

That's a fact of life - EVERYONE has the ability - and it's through the study of astrology - specifically Moon Astrology - which defines that I know that everyone has EMOTIONS - everyone is able to become EMOTIONAL - there isn't a single emotion that you can't define WITHIN you - and there's not a single emotion that you've never experienced in your life.

In the same way EMOTIONAL energies are invisible and you can't feel all the emotions at the same time - likewise - during the journey of your life it takes time to transform spiritually - to experience "everything" and to feel "everything" - and to solve the mystery of life. This in itself - proves that you're capable of everything "spiritually" - it is just a matter of "time".



The Energies of Individuality create Blockages

You may ask yourself:- "Why is it you don't feel alive?" or "Why is it you don't feel GOD within?"

The answer is - it's YOUR individuality that's BLOCKING you - from your own spiritual growth.


The answer is simple - each person consists of cell's of energies which identify the individual - look at the Plutchik's chart of emotions above and ask yourself honestly which category do you fit into right now? Which category do you fit into when you wake up in the morning? Which category do you fit into at work during the day? And how many different categories do you oscillate into during the course of the day? And if someone had to label and place you into ONE category based of the majority of your daily energies - which category would that be ? What energy does your body vibrate to ?


If you don't like what you see - then choose to change - leave that category and find GOD within yourself - eliminate the blockages that are preventing you to feel alive. The ספר האהבה - Sefer Ahava - The Book of Love will explain how to change your energies and resonate with the "yellow" energy of optimism, joy, ecstasy, happiness and love.

For example, after "making sexual love" one genuinely feels joy, love and serenity with an overwhelming glowing energy of abundant love energy and optimism for everyone and everything in the whole world, that is because one is fully connected to the spiritual world and to the essence and source of all existence - to Divine GOD which is LOVE.


The moment your whole body resonates with the energy of love - you will feel ALIVE and sense the Eternal Divine energy of REAL LOVE always - every moment of every day. The moment you can identify and feel EVERY FACET of energy is the moment you have found the DIVINE within you. Yes - even in depression and sadness there is a DIVINE energy in that too. It has purpose to act to AWAKEN people to CHANGE.


Life is a continuous journey of enlightenment and wisdom

as you learn to comprehend all the mysteries of life

When you've Found Enlightened Truth - You will realize there are many more Mysteries of Life


"When you think you know EVERYTHING - you actually know NOTHING

& When you think you know NOTHING - you actually know EVERYTHING"


"I Believe in the Eternal Divine GOD - The Divine Creator of the Infinite Universe"

"I concede to the truth that I know nothing; I am nothing, and I will always be nothing

I have nothing nor will I ever have anything; I desire nothing and I want nothing

because I know that I have been blessed by GOD with everything I need

And yet the more I learn - the more I realize how little I know

With the truthful knowledge that I am and always will be an insignificant nothing" - JW


"True wisdom is in knowing you know nothing" - Socrates



סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם